What consumers are saying about their granite purchase.

Simply cruising online on consumer sites, stone information sites, and complaint
sites will bring up many homeowners that learned the hard way about granite
and the granite industry.

Here are some excellent places to hear tales of granite countertop purchases
gone bad.

Garden Web Kitchen Forum

HGTV.com Kitchen Forum


NRSA Consumer Forum


Dire warnings if you aren't happy usually come when a consumer isn't happy
with the workmanship.  A search of consumer sites where consumers have had
issues with their counter install usually ends with them being told that the granite
will break if they remove it for re-work, or should that happen they will be unable
to match the material.
Stampede the consumer into accepting poor work
Damage waiver for installing granite
Another granite install damage waiver

Other stories of countertop dissatisfaction:

This first link, a fine example of the lengths the stone web sites will go to prevent
the use of the info on their sites.  The first post in the thread below was redone
as an attack on the Solid Surface Alliance.   Look at the back up link to see the
original thread.   For a long time, this stone site would just delete the information
I linked to, then they realized I could control the content of their site by doing that
and  apparently couldn't decide how to deal with consumers reading negative
info on granite.   Very strange, when we post things, we want them to be shared
with everyone.

An absolute nightmare

Backup link to Absolute nightmare

The back up link for Absolute nightmare is necessary because the stone sites
remove some threads that I link to so as to prevent public knowledge about
natural stone issues from spreading.

Backup link to page two of cleaning doctored stone
backup link to stained granite counter tops
Can water really damage granite?
Granite owners looking for help with stained granite
sunlight fading granite countertops
backup file of stone site link to bad resined slabs
One stoner says granite has scratched, others say that is impossible
But I have been told that Quartzite is harder than granite, how can it scratch?
Granite guy says scotch brite will scratch granite, others say it is not so

This last link is a backup copy as the stone site deleted the link after I used it
once.   I had copied it before hand just in case they pulled this stunt.   What ever
happened to not writing something you were embarrassed of someone reading?

Sadly, as a response of the information about granite being gathered and
posted here, many stone sites are deleting threads that relate to issues we bring
up.   Some have dealt with the issue by blocking the ability to copy the sites.

We take this as proof that our information is valid and that the stone industry
considers the spread of the information damaging to their trade, further
reinforcing our opinion of the lack of integrity in the industry.  There are some in
the industry that lay the blame at their own door, saying that over selling of
granite performance is to blame.
Is Mother nature to
blame or just a crack?
Masking tape
permanently etched the
edges of this granite
top.  Look for the line
around the edge from
where the fabricator
taped the edge for
Just say "No" to crack!
An example of a really poor seam.