Member Page
Current projects include an article on the current bacterial studies available, the
Countertop Material Study hosted by, Operation Kevin
D. Noel which is a radon/radioactivity study of natural stone, and of course
building this website.
Volunteers are always needed for these projects, plus basic research into online
resources available, moderating consumer links for inaccurate information given
to consumers, product testing, promotion of solid surface and Alliance
organizational goals.

Why join?  Making the competition respect your company, as well as building
clout with consumers, suppliers and vendors.  Hiring becomes easier once you
are known as one of the leading shops in your area.  You are also supporting
the solid surface trade in general, and a rising tide lifts all boats.

Many of the tasks can be done in spare time, at home on your computer.  
Sometimes just browsing for information, or mining links for data that might be
useful can reap benefits for the trade.

To join, just send us an email and someone will be in contact.