Still with me?  Good, this material can be boring at times
but it is important.

There are many studies done by scientist from around the
world that prove the emission of Radon from granite or
address the high radiation levels of some granites.  Below
are a few.

Some give a passing grade for the samples tested, other
studies fail many of the samples as not meeting UN or
Chinese standards for safety.

The Cyprus study

The Egyptian study

The Saudi Arabian study

The Chinese study

In a few days, I'll post a critique of each study, pointing
out the points of interest for each study.

This information on radon and granite is getting around.  
This Chinese green building website brings up the
dangers of using granite as a floor tile.  Look under Stone
and Tile Flooring, Health Concerns.

Here are some studies on why radon education is lagging,
why so many people don't pay attention to the facts and
some newly found studies on radon health risks:

Optimistic perceptions to radon risks

Perceptions of radon and testing

Perceptions of radon risk

Radon, does 2 + 2 = 4?

A Chinese trading company talking about granite
radon emissions

More information on radon risks and granite

Limits on transporting low level radioactive materials

Radon cancer studies with rats

Cameroonian radon study

China's granite radiation content standards

Houston granite countertop radiation analysis report