The process of your project begins with a layout of dimensions. This is important so we are able to create an accurate price quote. Dimensions should include the square footage of the countertops where you would like stone, where there are finished edges, and location of backsplash if desired.

Our easy-to-understand price quotes consist of several things:

  • Square footage of the countertop
  • Edge type… You can choose from two of our standard edges or several special edges
  • Sink type... We charge a fee for the cutout and polish of an undermount sink, but we have several stainless steel sinks to choose from that we will provide for you for no additional charge. For bathroom projects, we have a white china bowl undermount sink. You can also purchase your own undermount or drop-in sink if you choose.
  • Backsplash… The standard height of a backsplash is four inches, but you are able to choose the height that you prefer for your project.
  • Tearout of existing countertops… Is your project new construction or a renovation? We charge a fee to tearout and dispose of existing countertops and to disconnect and reconnect the plumbing. If this applies to your project, you can also have someone else complete this part of the job.

Choosing a stone:
There are several things to keep in mind when choosing the stone that best suits your project.

  • What colors are complimentary to your cabinets, tile, paint, et cetera is something to keep in mind when looking at the stone slabs. When visiting our shop, it is extremely helpful to bring samples so you are truly able to visualize the color combinations.
  • The size of your job may determine the number of seams that will exist in your countertop. The larger the job, the more seams there will be. The size of the slab also plays a large role. With larger slabs, there will be less seams in the project.
  • Color variation is a large factor when working with natural stone. No two stones are exactly the same, and the movement, color, or consistency may vary. It is important to keep in mind that samples you take home are simply representative of a product; the actual slab is likely to look slightly different.
  • The availability of a stone will determine whether or not it will work for your project. If we do not have a stone in stock, it may or may not be difficult to find from our distributors.

Before we can template;

  • All cabinets need to be installed to their permanent locations
  • All appliances must be purchased and should be at the job site for when the template is made
  • Faucets and other accessories must be purchased and should either be on site of the project or at Granite and Marble Works, Inc. Also, you should have already chosen one of our stainless steel or white china bowl sinks or have purchased your own, which should either be on site or at the shop.

Keep in mind, if we have to reschedule because of a lack of preparedness on part of the customer, there could be additional charges, so it is extremely important to make sure that everything is all set.

Once everything is ready, all paperwork has been completed, and a 50% deposit (for projects over $2,500) or payment in full amount (for projects under $2,500) has been received, a template will be scheduled. The appointment is usually 1 to 2 days after the date on which you are scheduling.

Things to keep in mind for the template:

  • Counters need to be clutter-free and all items on the existing countertops must be removed by the customer prior to template
  • Cabinets must be secured in their permanent position and any cabinet work affecting dimensions must be completed before the template
  • A layout for the sinks, faucets, cooktop/range, soap dispensers, et cetera must be determined at the time of the template.

**Keep in mind that any changes made after the template has been made will likely affect the price of your project and cause a delay in fabrication and installation.**

Once the template has been made, installation usually occurs 2 weeks following the template date.

There are several things to keep in mind for the installation…

  • It is important to determine a path for the installers from outside to the project area. It needs to be of substantial size because they will be carrying large pieces of stone and cannot carry these items around tight corners.
  • All items should be removed from existing countertops by the customer, and items from drawers and cabinets under the countertops should be removed.
  • Some minor damage may occur during tearout of existing countertops (i.e. existing backsplashes, cabinets, wall covering). We cannot be held responsible for this damage.
  • There will likely be the settling of dust during installations, as the project is a worksite. Please be prepared to wipe up dust for a few days. To minimize the spread of dust in your home, you may want to partition the work area from other parts of your home and turn off the central air system.
  • Countertop material will be removed from the jobsite and we will reconnect your plumbing.

Remember, if we are required to make additional trips to the jobsite because of a lack of preparedness on part of the customer, there will likely be additional charges to the cost of the project.

On the date of the installation, you should have been notified of a time in which your installation will take place. It will usually occur either between 9 o’clock AM and 12 o’clock PM or 12 o’clock PM and 4 o’clock PM. Time may fluctuate depending on the time it takes to drive to the job site and the size of the projects for that day. We ask that you leave the proper morning or afternoon window of time open to be available during the time of installation, or that you have made arrangements with us on how the installers can enter the project site. We try to complete the whole project in one day, but larger jobs may take more time.

After your stone has been installed, the installers will apply a penetrating sealer on the stone. Before leaving the jobsite, the installers will make sure the area has been cleaned up.

We are more than willing to answer questions you may have regarding any procedures that need to be followed. Feel free to contact us!

We look forward to working with you!


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