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Title: Impact of granite quarrying on environment in Bangalore district-with reference to socio-economic status of workers.
Author: Kumar RR; Shadaksharasamy N; Srinivas G
Source: Pollution Research. 2000;19(1):51-54.
Abstract: Environmental impact assessment of Granite Mining on socio-economic status of workers in quarries and crushers of Bangalore district has been made involving workers/households at random (simple random method). The study reveals that 16% of workers have dust and water related diseases like TB and other respiratory ailments. 24% of workers complained about high level of noise related problems and 13% of the workers surveyed had persistent eye and lung problems. Haziness in the atmosphere around crushers and quarries is very common. The quarry owners are not taking any precautions related to the health condition of the workers. An increase in respiratory ailments due to generation of huge quantity of dust is reported from Bettahalasur village. An attempt is also made to suggest a few precautionary and preventive measures to control pollution. (author's)
Language: English

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