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We finially have the Forum up for the Solid Surface Alliance. Unregistered guests can browse all but one of the catagories, but if you want to ask a question or comment, you need to register. Registeration is easy, fill out the usual form, the system will email you with a link to activate your account, then just log in as usual.

The forum is brand new, so there won’t be much content until the membership grows, so add a question or comment if you visit to help get the conversations going. New forums are tough to start, people look around, see little going on, and leave. But, with the volumne of questions we get from the public, this forum will save lots of time and make the answers available for all interested internet viewers to find.

There is one section off limits to all but invited members, that is the Scientific Section which is dedicated for those who are working on the issues. There they can spreak freely, bounce ideas off each other, and not worry about info getting picked up and repeated elsewhere before the proper time.

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EPA Gives an Acceptable Limit on Radiation And it is a Low Limit

Posted in Granite Countertop Owners by Administrator on the August 25th, 2008

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This is one of the first stories we found on radiation levels in building materials, a story about floors being made with radioactive mine tailings.

The main point is that the EPA points out is that they would consider 10 to 14 uR/hr to be an acceptable level for cleaning up a high level radition area. In this case, the floor was around 800 to 1,000 uR/hr, about the same level of the Four Seasons granite slab we found and cut into samples for the scientists. We understand that Linda Kincade, a Certified Industrial Hygenist has also found a granite sample at 700 uR/hr, and of course the Tacoma slab that measured 1,030 uR/hr.

So it would seem that 10 to 14 uR/hr would also be the prefered level of a building material as well. There are some granite colors this low, but not a lot.

Indian Hogan EPA letter