Brazilian Environmental Concerns Continue to Arise From Granite Quarrying

Posted in Granite social and envirnomental issues by Administrator on the October 19th, 2008

Here is an excellent story on locals dealing with the enviromental concerns from a granite quarry. Streams filling with sillt and mud, even drying up after water is diverted, mudslides, you name it. It is a Yahoo Babelfish translated page, so it take a minute to load.

COLATINA CITY, Brazil granite mining concerns

Another article is about illegal mining in Brazil. It seems there is a tax of 2 to 3% of the value of stone sold from the mine, which some companies don’t want to pay. So they open mines in rural areas, bribing the local officials to look the other way. In this case, even the property owners didn’t know the granite was being mined. This article is mostly about the controversy, ins and outs of the court fight over ownership and the amount of tax evasion going on.

Fighting for royalties and tax evasion by one granite company

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