Want A Peek At What A Granite Countertop Lawsuit Would Look Like?

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Most shops carry workers compensation insurance, which workers trade the right to sue for immediate health care and a guaranteed weekly benefit to replace lost wages while injured. What few know is that the workers comp insurance doesn’t prevent the injured employee from suing others that had even a minor part in the accident.

In this case, a worker was helping unload granite from an open top shipping container, one of those huge ocean going, metal containers. Somehow the worker was crushed severely when 8,000 pounds of granite broke loose and pinned him against the side of the container.

The employee sued the crane company whose crane was used for unloading the container, the Italian granite company that loaded the slabs into the container, a Swiss shipping company, the American owned granite distribution company, and the trucking company that delivered the container to the granite shop.

Of course all pointed the finger at the others, filing cross complaints in court. Everyone blamed all the others for the accident, which cost the worker two years of lost work, no doubt quite pleased with the $1.07 million dollar settlement.

This is exactly what will happen when granite fabricators start having health problems from working with hot granites or consumers start popping up with health problems that can potentially be traced back to a hot granite countertop. Everyone that touched that granite slab will be dragged into court, as well as the tooling companies that were used that created the dust.

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  1. sec said,

    on January 31st, 2010 at 9:50 am

    The other risk with granite shipped internationally by container is fumigant exposure. If solid wood is used to package granite slabs it has to be treated to prevent the spread of insects that might be living in the wood. One of the treatment methods is to fumigate the whole container. The fumigator may not have taken all (or any) of the fumigant out of the container, and if it was properly sealed it may not have escaped during the voyage. People have dropped dead in a container, or shortly thereafter, there are also studies that suggest lower doses cause breast, testicular, and prostate cancer. Some fumigants have tear-gas added as a warning agent, but others are odourless, best to test.

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