I Bought Bad Granite, Do I Have Any Recourse?

Posted in I Bought A Bad Granite Countertop by Administrator on the September 30th, 2008

For more info, to ask questions, or to find a tester, go to

We get emails all the time asking about some of the issues that plague some granites types. In the past, I have always helped the people privately where I could. Now the volume is increasing so why not create a page for this purpose?

If you have had a bad experience with either the material or the fabricator, please post a comment with as much detail as you feel is releveant. I might ask for more detail, perhaps privately if it might impact the fabricator’s or slab seller’s business. There are websites for “rip off reports”, I’d prefer to leave them to that business and let me simply answer any technical questions or provide info on the trade practices that are germane to the problem.

Please stick to the facts, the readers will draw their own conclusions on whether you were fairly treated.

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    on January 10th, 2011 at 3:09 am

    Might be that the provider of granite is not concern for the consumers or just that they have not check the quality. It is important to double check the quality of granite being bought. It will affect to what you wanted it to apply to. The radonmÄling has also good tips to measure radon gas outside your home.

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