Terrorism is Linked Again to the Natural Stone Industry

Posted in Granite social and envirnomental issues, Recent Info on the testing effort by Administrator on the July 19th, 2008

Last year, the SSA reported on the link between the Bin Laden family and the natural stone industry. We took a lot of heat, people saying that Bin Laden was not supported by his family. Who knows? Still this made perfect sense, in the lawless areas of the world where some of the stone is mined, rebel or terror groups control the areas. If you want to mine stone, you pay bribes.

So today, when Christina ran into this article, it was no real surprise, just nice to have another source backing the claim that Terrorism is linked to natural stone. Click on the link below to read the entire story.

Pakistan Marble Helps Taliban Stay in Business

It seems that Pakistan has lost control over much of the area between it and Afganistan. The Taliban stepped into the void, forced a settlement between two fueding tribes over mineral rights, then found a stooge to run the quarry. The Taliban got thousands of dollars for making it happen, then they collect tax on the marble blocks being trucked to processing plants.

The Taliban recieves about $500 per day in “Taxes” or bribes. The Pakistani Taliban is lead by , Baitullah Mehsud, a powerful ally of Al Qaeda who keeps his base in South Waziristan, another part of the tribal areas.

The Taliban is being revitalized by the cash generated. One tribesman, known as Bahadar, who works there, predicted, “If this continues for two more years, they will take on America itself”.

So to be socially responsible, one must find the country of origin of the slabs to ensure that neither child labor companies or terror cells profit from the purchase of natural stone. Just one more thing foisted upon a consumer who is interested in doing the right thing.

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