Solid Surface Alliance grew out of another forum,
one initially started by solid surface fabricators.  
Once the forum was well established, the owner of
the forum became corrupted by advertising dollars,
making it difficult to discuss the issues without
incurring the wrath of advertisers or granite
fabricators.   Sadly, the owner of the site eventually
turned completely against the solid surface industry,
hastening the demise of the original trade
association as well as the  annual trade show.

Our Business
We exist to  provide independent information to
consumers and fabricators interested in finding the
facts on the granite controversies.

Who We Are
We are fabricators of all type of products, fabrication
shops, scientists and researchers from the Radon,
radiation, and  health fields. The one thing that glues
us together is finding the facts on the granite
radiation/Radon controversy.

This site is a storehouse of info on the issues.  For
more info visit our blog and forum at:
About Us
  We have a forum running that is dedicated to the Solid
Surface Fabricator.   Like this site, we aren't afraid to
point out the shortcomings in  products that we compete
against.   It is a shame we have to, but also a shame the
stone industry won't address the problems.