Joining the Solid Surface Alliance
The software to allow new members to join online is being created and after
completion and testing, an email will be sent out to solid surface shops.

Opportunities have begun to present themselves, including  the author of two
of the studies being used against solid surface offering to repeat the studies,
this time with solid surface included.  Once sufficient money has been raised in
membership dues, we will be able to start the bacterial testing using either that
company or another lab that has returned a proposal.

Members can choose which level of membership fits their needs and abilities.

Joining the Solid Surface Alliance can be done on several levels, Associate
Member, General Member, Sponsor and Corporate Sponsor.
What is the difference between membership types?

Associate membership
is for employees of any business that are
involved either in solid surface fabrication, selling solid surface or the selling of
materials, tooling, services or supplies.  Associate membership is free of
charge, but voting privileges are limited to voting in surveys.   The Alliance
thinks that these members, many of whom are on the front lines of the
industry, are an excellent source of ideas and talent that can be used to better
the industry.  Associate members can upgrade to general membership at any
time.  Associates can contribute to projects that they find important, and we
encourage that the amounts donated be kept small, $25.00 is an excellent

Remember, this membership is completely free of charge and available to any
one that is in this business.  Just send us an email with a request for joining.

General Membership is for the owners or managers of fabrication shops,
and vendors' firms.  Voting rights are included for the Board of Directors which
sets the general direction that the Alliance will take.   Membership costs
$100.00 per year, with the money going into a general fund used for
overhead, with any surpluses going into testing or marketing projects.

Sponsor Membership is for those who want to take the lead in shaping
the industry, and own or manage a shop or firm that is active in the solid
surface trade selling materials, supplies, tooling or services. Sponsor
membership costs $250.00 per year, includes voting rights for the Board of
Directors, and qualifies sponsor members to serve on the Board of Directors.  
Sponsor membership money goes into the general fund, with surpluses going
into testing and marketing projects.

Corporate Sponsor Membership is for those corporations that wish to
sponsor individual projects directly, with the membership fees going directly
into their chosen projects.  Corporate sponsors are listed in any published
reports.  Corporate Sponsor members are also candidates for the Board of
Directors and have voting rights, one vote per company.  Corporate Sponsor
membership costs $500.00 per year.

What is the membership money used for?

Membership dues are used for overhead, which as an web based organization
will be sparse.  Overhead will include basic items such as banking charges,
website hosting fees, and other organizational financial needs.   Our goal is to
keep the overhead to a minimum by basing the organization online and staffed
by volunteers.

Surplus funds will be rolled into projects like testing and marketing efforts.

Do I get to choose where my membership money goes?

No, only contributions are allowed to be earmarked for specific projects, except
Corporate Sponsors membership dues that can be earmarked.

How to Join

Joining is easy, just use with the email address, send the amount for the type of membership
you wish, along with name, address, and email address.

Or a check can be sent to:

Solid Surface Alliance
358 North Rockwell Ave
Oklahoma City, OK, 73127

If you have any questions, use the contact page to get in touch or just send us
an email.
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