The Granite Boom and Granite Fabricators
Solid Surface Alliance
Granite does not come with a warranty, once you pay for it, you
have little recourse or leverage to ensure that problems or defects are
repaired.  Anyone can
purchase stone slabs, no certification is
needed, one of the reason for the explosion of new,
inexperienced stone shops popping up all over the country.   A
worker can start his own shop with a few hundred dollars in
tools and supplies, and might or might not be capable of doing
the entire job.  Many new shops quickly fold because of lack of
business skills.  Working granite is easy, selling and delivering
a product that meets the customers expectations is the hard

Many granite website contain hundreds, even thousands of
customer complaints, some from counters only days after they
were installed.    Granite is alone among countertop materials  
in having so many unhappy customers.  Simply google
"countertop complaints granite"  then do the same with solid

On our new Forum, there is a great thread on a mega granite
shop that went down last year, 2008, taking about 900
customers money with them.   This shop took 100% payment
up front, and had a three month backlog of customers waiting
for installation.   They hit vendors for millions of dollars as well.
For current information, please check
out Forum.