Granite Cracking, Fissures & Breakage

Granite is repairable, but the repairs are easily seen.  One seminar I attended at
a surfaces show, advocated misleading the customer.  The seminar teacher said
to finish up the repair while the homeowner was out of the room, then start
polishing a different area so when the consumer walks in, you could point to the
spot you were polishing on and ask if it was good enough.

Rodding (steel bars inserted into the underside of granite around sinks and
cooktop cutouts) can rust, eventually causing the granite to fail from lack of
support, discoloring the stone itself, or worse,
splitting the top down the middle
of the rail.  

Dealing with granite cracks
Note the talk about using fake names, cemetery addresses and plot numbers
along with a warranty, even using mom's number.  Are they joking?  Some,
maybe a little.

recent article in Surfaces Fabrication, a counter top magazine, brought up a
new issue, undermount sinks in granite cracking the stone due to their weight.
The author, a well know and respected stone fabricator trainer, recommended
undermount sinks be supported by the cabinets not the granite.

In a following issue,
the author was attacked for bringing up the issue of sinks
needing better support.  Look on page eight, the first letter to the Editor.   

Also, the second letter to the Editor in the above link was written by a Solid
Surface Alliance member, and set the record straight on the Marble Institute of
America's attack on a  radon detector company that brought up the issue of
radon and granite countertops.